Tracking Exams

Over the years I have tried many different exam formats: the traditional in-class with blue book vs timed take-homes, for example.  In some years when I’ve done the more old-fashioned in-class exam, I’ve taken to noting on the back of completed exams the order of completion (i.e., the student done first is 1 and the […]

New Data Collection in Process

I study campaigns and elections, and in particular campaign advertising and election financing.  I devoted a fair amount of work in my dissertation to studying the Federal Election Commission’s (FEC) reading of Advisory Opinions (AOs) on permissible electioneering and fund-raising.  In recent months, I’ve worked to collect all recorded votes at the FEC on those […]


I had the chance on September 18th to make some comments on redistricting and gerrymandering before a much longer (and fantastic) presentation from Moon Duchin of Tufts University.  My remarks and Moon’s can be seen in the video below.  My written comments are also here.

Convocation 2017

I had the great honor of speaking to the class of 2021 at Bowdoin College’s 216th Convocation Ceremony.  The title of the talk was: “Promoting Empiricism in the Age of Alternative Facts.”  My comments can be see below, beginning at about the 14:00 mark. The comments in written form are here.    

Jettisoned Papers

Sometimes you work hard on a paper (for a conference, perhaps), and can be happy with the results, but the paper never seems to find the light of day.  That can happen a lot, and for lots of different reasons: reviewers hated it; the results are just too weak; other papers take priority and revisions […]

Political Ideology at Bowdoin

As part of the “Polar Poll” of Bowdoin students that I run in my Quantitative Analysis in Political Science course, we asked students and faculty this spring to assess their political ideology on a scale of 0 to 100, with 0 being very liberal and 100 being very conservative.  The results are displayed below. (The […]

Presidential Approval

I’ve been playing around with some presidential approval data back to the post-war period.   The data are aggregated to quarters in each year, such that all available polls in a quarter produce an “average” approval rating from in- and out-partisans.*  The results are graphed below, which includes the first quarter of Trump’s presidency and all […]