What a Semester!

As we conclude the unexpected experiment in quickly transitioning to remote learning, I’m reflecting a lot on how things went, and I’m preparing for the likelihood of doing this in the Fall semester.  In both my classes, I did not incorporate any synchronous component, knowing that many students might have a lot of scheduling conflicts […]

Stress and Remote Learning

I’m showing here some more analysis of results from my “Polar Poll” of Bowdoin students.  I re-surveyed students last week, asking those who completed a survey in March to indicate their stress levels in the last 6 weeks.  This allows us to look at changes in stress levels from before and after Spring Break.  I’m […]

Polar Poll 2020

The results of this year’s “Polar Poll” (the student poll I field yearly with my students in Gov 2080: Quantitative Analysis in Political Science) are available here.  The link provides the marginal distributions for all of the questions we asked.  I’ll be digging into some additional analysis in the coming weeks, which I’ll post and […]

Offer of the College

It’s late March 2020, and as with nearly all colleges and universities across the country, Bowdoin has moved online for the rest of the semester.  And as we adapt, we try to do the normal things we usually do, to the best extent possible.  For students in Quantitative Analysis of Political Science (GOV 2080), this […]

Democratic Nomination Schedule

The presidential primaries are underway, and as I write voters are casting ballots in the “mini” Super Tuesday states.  I’ve long been interested in the pace of these nomination campaigns.  Below is a graph of the cumulative delegate counts awarded over the course of the primary/caucus schedule; I show this for Democrats in five cycles […]

Majors by Gender Identity

I looked recently at data from Bowdoin’s Office of Institutional Research.  In particular, I examined declared majors by student-reported gender identity.  These data as of fall 2019 are reported here.  I took the breakdowns by department and division and plotted them below. Government and Legal Studies not only has the most declared majors at the […]

The Department’s Curriculum

My department is about to go through it’s decennial review, and as part of the preparation for that, I have assembled the list of courses in the department that we have offered since 2009, when we had our last external review.  These courses are listed in this table.  I’ve split the courses by the subfields […]