Jettisoned Papers

Sometimes you work hard on a paper (for a conference, perhaps), and can be happy with the results, but the paper never seems to find the light of day.  That can happen a lot, and for lots of different reasons: reviewers hated it; the results are just too weak; other papers take priority and revisions never happen; and so on.  I’m highlighting here three papers that will never be published, but for which I remain affectionately attached.  I (and my co-authors) worked hard on them, but they never had enough force behind them.  Often, also, another election can get in the way of relevance and the results “get old” fast.

First paper, over 10 years old now (yikes!): “Making a Difference? Exposure to Political Ads and Perceptions of Parties

Second paper, after the 2010 elections, and a good case where not only the reviewers hated it but the election of 2012 approached too fast (but, geez, I thought the graphs were pretty): “Citizens United and Campaign Advertising in 2010

Third paper, revised numerous times and given at two conferences, but where the results never seemed to make much impact on the readers: “Interest Group Advertising and Perceptions of Campaign Negativity

Happy reading!

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