The Department’s Curriculum

My department is about to go through it’s decennial review, and as part of the preparation for that, I have assembled the list of courses in the department that we have offered since 2009, when we had our last external review.  These courses are listed in this table.  I’ve split the courses by the subfields of the major: American politics, political theory, comparative politics, and international relations (IR).

A few noteworthy tidbits:

  • We have offered 124 distinct classes since 2009.
  • 41 percent of classes in American politics are new since 2014.
  • 32 percent in comparative politics and international relations are new in the last 5 years.
  • Just 22 percent of political theory classes are new, and most of the others long pre-date our 2009 review.
  • You can’t see this in the table, but most of the new courses in American politics are because of newly added tenure-track colleagues; most of the new courses in comparative/IR are from visiting faculty here at Bowdoin on sabbatical replacements.
  • We offer, on average, 25 classes a semester.

Lots of interesting stuff in the list of courses.  Seeing it all in one place reminds me of the comprehensiveness of our coverage of politics/government/political science.

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