Maine Election for Governor in 2018

I’ve run some preliminary analysis of the results from the 2018 gubernatorial election in Maine, and there were a few interesting trends that popped out.  Below I show two graphs.  The first plots the Republican Shawn Moody’s margin (his vote % minus the winner’s, Democrat Janet Mills) against the incumbent governor’s margin from 2014. (The […]

Faith and Politics

I had the chance on Sunday, October 21 to chat with folks at First Parish Church in Brunswick, ME.  This is where I attend with my family, and it is a very historic church.  Along with my colleague, Andy Rudalevige, we talked about the intersection of faith and politics.  The video is long, over an […]

Ballot Questions in Maine, part 2

Another set of results from my upcoming talk.  The graph is a box plot of the distribution of outcomes in Maine ballot questions, by type.  I also show below the 5 closest votes in ~600 Maine ballot questions since 1909.  A few thoughts: In the graph below, bond questions and constitutional amendments pass with a […]

Ballot Questions in Maine

I’m giving a talk on campus on Thursday, October 4th entitled, “The Challenge of Direct Democracy: The History of Ballot Measures in Maine.”  Details are here.  I’ll post more about the data for the talk at a different time, but I’ve collected the statewide results for all ballot questions in Maine since 1909 (and since […]

Ideology at the Federal Election Commission

I’ll be presenting some new research at the American Political Science Association conference in Boston on August 30.  It involves some data I’ve collected on the Federal Election Commission.  The paper is here, and two relevant graphs are below.  The first shows the percentage of FEC votes that end in “deadlock,” where less than four […]

Plotting the liberal arts

When I was department chair, I regularly asked the Registrar during course registration for the number of students requesting seats in our courses during the various “rounds” of registration.  Round 1 is when students upload their first-choices for classes.  Round 2 gives students the chance to fill out their schedule by requesting space in courses […]